Best Gift To Jesus

We love being generous together as a church, and this Christmas season, we are receiving a special offering to help further the mission of “Helping people find their way back to God”.
On December 18th, we will receive the “BEST GIFT to JESUS” offering during our Sunday morning worship experiences. A portion of the money given will be sent out from the church to help fund an International mission project. The other portion will go toward a designated project within the church.
In the Spring of 2016, during our IMMEASURABLY MORE series and initiative, we partnered with “The Jesus Film” project. They translate the Jesus film into other languages to help bring the gospel to unreached people groups. We signed on to translate the Jesus film into the Vaiphei language for the people of Vaiphei, India. We’re close to reaching the goal we committed to back in March and would love to be able to surprise them with the remainder of the funds by the end of this year.
Our staff and Dream Team (our amazing group of volunteers) work very hard to make Sundays happen and keep Forefront running. So, to make things easier and to honor all that hard work, we’re going to use a portion of the “Best Gift” offering to build out some offices in the basement for the staff as well as a work space for the Dream Team.
With the holidays upon us, there will be a lot of great gifts bought and given, so we hope you’ll join us in but giving our best gift to Jesus!
If you’d like to give online on or before December 18th, CLICK HERE