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July 8th

Learn more about why we have LifeGroups by visiting our LifeGroups FAQ page. 
Summer LifeGroups
Below is the list of our Summer LifeGroups, Click on the group name to view more details about each group (will open in a new window).  After viewing the details you can join a group (or multiple) by completing the form link at the bottom of this page.  
Our Summer Semester runs from the week of July 15th until the week of September 2nd.
Activity Groups
Justin & Erica Fulton, with Rod & Kasi Edwards
Matt & Sarah McLean
Jim & Jancy Simon
Hunter & Claire Wilson
Outreach Groups
Todd & Laurie Sellden
Bryan & Samantha Rhodes, with Jill Davidson
Student Group
Bryan & Samantha Rhodes
Growth Groups
Sarah Norris & Danica Cline
Justin & Erica Fulton
Randy & Sandy Burch
Tyler & Erin Groce

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